Monday, July 26, 2010

Tim Persing

Sent: 7/13/10
Received: 7/26/10
Time: 13 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1991 Classic Best (x2)
Item Received: 1991 Classic Best (x2), 1991 Classic Best Rich Becker Error, 1991 ProCards Kenosha Twins, 1992 Fleer ProCards Fort Myers Miracle, all signed in black Sharpie.  Unsigned 1991 Classic Best Rich Becker Error.

Paydirt!  I had two copies of former Twins prospect Tim Persing's 1991 Classic Best minor league card, so I sent both to him, asking that he sign one and offering the other for him to keep.  I guess he didn't need it.  He signed and returned both of those, along with four other cards (three signed, one unsigned) and a letter.  As it turns out, the cards I sent were error cards.  The player on the front is clearly not Mr. Persing.  Of the additional cards he sent me, two are from the same 1991 Classic Best set.  They are credited to former Twins outfielder Rich Becker.  Looking at them, and the other cards he included, it's clear that there was a photo mix-up.  The Becker cards actually depict Persing and, on second look, the Persing cards I sent look a whole lot like Becker.  He made no mention of the errors in his letter.  Great return!

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