Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Levon Kirkland

Sent: 9/24/11
Received: 10/3/11
Time: 9 Days
Address: c/o Clemson University Admission Office
Item Sent: 1992 Skybox Impact, 1999 Ultra
Item Received: 1992 Skybox Impact, 1999 Ultra.  Both signed and personalized in blue Sharpie.

Levon Kirkland was the biggest inside linebacker I ever saw.  He was built like an offensive guard.  Yet, even at 280 or so pounds, he was a remarkable athlete with incredible quickness for his size.  He was a sure tackler who could drop back into coverage (11 career interceptions) or blitz the quarterback (19.5 career sacks).  Mostly, though, he was respected as the emotional leader of the great Steelers defenses that played under Bill Cowher in the 1990s.  He was named to the '90s NFL All-Decade Team and his name clearly deserves to be mentioned among the great linebackers in Steelers history (which is, obviously, a damn impressive list).

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