Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mitch Moreland

Sent: 10/23/10
Received: 4/29/11
Time: 188 Days
Address: c/o Texas Rangers
Item Sent: 2010 Bowman Chrome
Item Received: 2009 Bowman Chrome, signed in black Sharpie.

I like Mitch Moreland.  I'm always a champion of the underdog, and that's exactly what he has been in the Texas Rangers system.  Two years ago, Chris Davis was supposed to be the Rangers' first baseman of the future.  While he hit for decent power in Texas, all other aspects of his game were lacking.  Meanwhile, Moreland was hitting a cool .331 in the minors.  Last year, when Davis fell on his face again, former first-round pick Justin Smoak bypassed he and Moreland as the Rangers' first baseman of the future.  He struggled mightily in Texas, too, and was eventually the key piece in the Cliff Lee trade with Seattle.  Meanwhile, Moreland was hitting his ass off in the minors.  Given a call-up, Moreland posted an .833 OPS in 47 regular season games.  In the post-season (which is when I sent this request), he stepped up his game to the tune of a .900 overall OPS.  What's more, it improved in each round, peaking with a .462/.533/.769 slash line in the World Series.  Now firmly entrenched as the Rangers first baseman, he is still hitting his ass off.

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