Monday, April 4, 2011

Brett Hull

Sent: 3/16/11
Received: 4/2/11
Time: 17 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1991-92 Score Canadian: base card, "Man of the Year," League Leaders, "50 Goals/50 Games," Hart Trophy, The Franchise, Dream Team
Item Received: 1991-92 Score Canadian: base card, League Leaders, "50 Goals/50 Games," Hart Trophy, The Franchise, Dream Team.  All signed in blue Sharpie.

I took a risk here, and I was very up front about it in my letter to Mr. Hull.  He is as automatic of a TTM signer as you'll ever come across for a recent Hall of Fame legend.  I saw some reports of five and six cards per attempt coming back successful to other SCN members.  If you're familiar with this blog, you can plainly see that I never send more than four cards in a request.  I certainly did not want to take advantage of Brett Hull's generosity... but it just so happens that he has seven different cards in the 1991-92 Score set that I'm trying to complete.  So, I sent a very polite letter, explaning that the cards were for my set and that's why I was sending so many.  Sure enough, I received a quick reply.  Six of the cards were signed while one (the "Man of the Year" card) was not returned.  Who knows what happened to the last card?  Maybe he has a strict policy of no more than six cards per request.  Maybe he simply forgot to get the seventh card in the envelope.  I don't mean to sound grateful.  Quite the opposite, I'm ecstatic over the return.  I'm six cards closer to completing the set, and I have six more Brett Hull autographs in my collection!  I'm sure I have several more years of working on this set, so some time down the line I can send him a request for that missing card.  Then I can stop bothering him.  Thanks, Brett!

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