Friday, August 13, 2010

Pat Neshek

Sent: 7/24/10
Received: 8/12/10
Time: 19 Days
Address: c/o Rochester Red Wings
Item Sent: 2006 Topps '52, 2010 Topps
Item Received: 2006 Topps '52, 2010 Topps.  Both signed in thin blue Sharpie.

Pat Neshek could be as responsible as anyone for getting me back into this hobby as an adult.  It was his arrival to the Twins a few years ago, along with the introduction of his autograph blog that first reminded me of the fun I had collecting as a kid.  Even though it took a few years for me to begin, I suppose the seed has been planted in my mind since then.  The reason it took me over three months to send a request to Mr. Neshek is simple: I didn't have any of his cards.  After finally acquiring a couple of them, I sent a request to Rochester.  I'm pretty happy with the result - and I certainly don't mean this as a complaint of any kind - but I am a bit surprised that a seasoned autographer as renowned in the hobby as Pat would use such a dry marker on his cards.  It doesn't look terrible.  I do love that he added the baseball stitches - a staple of his unique signature - to the facsimile autograph printed on the Topps '52 card.  Thanks, Pat!

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