Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Colin Powell

Sent: 6/8/10
Received: 8/23/10
Time: 76 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1991 Bowman baseball card
Item Received: 1991 Bowman, signed in silver paint pen.

This is a pretty cool return, I have to admit.  If you're reading this but don't know me, I lean extremely far to the left politically.  I have massive disdain for 99% of the elected Republican politicians in this country.  General Powell finds himself in that other one percent.  I wasn't sure if this was coming back, though.  I was pretty honest with Mr. Powell in my letter about where I stand on some things that have gone on over the last decade, but I did thank him for being the lone voice of reason in the Bush cabinet.  And, of course, I thanked him for the many years of brave and loyal service to our country.  I do maintain a healthy respect for Mr. Powell, and I'm pretty stoked to add this to my collection.

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