Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reed Olmstead

Sent: 6/16/10
Received: 6/25/10
Time: 9 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1990 ProCards Orlando SunRays
Item Received: 1990 ProCards Orlando SunRays, signed in black Sharpie.

I'm bummed about this one.  Not because of Mr. Olmstead, who kindly signed and returned the card in a quick nine days, but in the US Postal Service.  Since my headfirst dive back into the world of TTM collecting a couple of months ago, this is my first return to be mutilated by the post office.  Oh well... if it's gonna happen, I guess it's better that it happens here than on a card for a set that I'm working on.  Perhaps I'll try Reed again one day.

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