Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gerry Mullins

Sent: 5/23/11
Received: 5/31/11
Time: 8 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1983 Fleer Team Action, 1990 Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen
Item Received: 1983 Fleer Team Action, 1990 Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen.  Both signed in thin blue Sharpie.

Gerry "Moon" Mullins was an anchor on the offensive line of the Steelers' dynasty of the '70s.  Lining up next to Hall of Fame center Mike Webster, he was a part of all four Super Bowls won by the Steelers during that decade.  Also of note, this is my first successful return of a signed Fleer Team Action card from the '80s.  For several years, Fleer had a license to produce NFL cards with team names and logos, but they did not have an NFLPA license (which was exclusive to Topps) to allow them to mention any players by name.  The result were these cards.  Each set usually featured an offensive and defensive card for each team, along with historic Super Bowl cards and other random photos.  There was often great photography on these cards, and there are a lot of instances where they can come in handy for getting more obscure players who never had an official card of their own.

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