Thursday, January 12, 2012

Herschel Walker

Sent: 10/28/11
Received: 1/9/12
Time: 73 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1989 Pro Set Update, 1989 Score, 1989 Score "Speedburner," 1989 Score Supplemental
Item Received: 1989 Pro Set Update, 1989 Score, 1989 Score Supplemental.  All signed in blue Sharpie.

Herschel.  Does any other name draw the ire of Vikings fans quite like his?  You know, it's not Herschel's fault that the Vikings gave up five players and six draft picks to the Dallas Cowboys for one man.  It's also not really Herschel's fault that Jerry Burns didn't adapt his offense to take advantage of his new toy's immense talent.  Herschel didn't come close to fulfilling expectations, but he had his moments.  His Vikings debut against the hated Packers, where he barely knew the playbook but managed to rush for 150 yards was one of the most exciting Vikings games of my youth.  Along with my mom and brother, I had the opportunity to meet Herschel Walker during the grand opening of the Target store by our house.  He could not have been a nicer man.  I've always thought it was a shame that he was such a punchline in Minnesota.  He was a remarkable athlete and a very good football player.

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