Friday, March 25, 2011

Brad Boylan

Sent: 3/3/11
Received: 3/25/11
Time: 22 Days
Address: c/o South Albany High School
Item Sent: 1986 ProCards Toledo Mud Hens, 1987 ProCards Portland Beavers, 1988 ProCards Portland Beavers
Item Received: 1986 ProCards Toledo Mud Hens, 1987 ProCards Portland Beavers, 1988 ProCards Portland Beavers.  All signed in black gel pen.  (Also signed the back of each card.)

Brad Boylan had a long career as a minor league trainer in the Twins organization.  His highlight was a post-season call-up in 1987 to assist the legendary Dick Martin during the ALCS and World Series.  In my letter, I asked Mr. Boylan if he received a World Series ring, but he didn't respond.  Still, this is a very cool success.  I love these obscure names from Twins history!  I am such a nerd.

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  1. He did! He was/is the athletic trainer at the high school I went to, and I believe a frequent customer of my dad's small business here in town.
    Great guy. He worked with me to rehabilitate a sprained ankle during my weight training classes, so that I wouldn't missing out on class, and I could get back to cheering for football season. I learned how to go up and down stairs using my crutches for support, and eventually was strong enough to use a balance ball and toss a light medicine ball back and forth with the assistant trainer. I was terrified of rolling my ankle, but he was encouraging, and I eventually healed, andcame back to the team better than before.
    There are many great high school athletic trainers, but I always appreciated how Brad took time to check in on students, would work with us after an injury, and make sure we knew how to properly wrap athletic tape to prevent further injury.
    I didn't know he had been a trainer for The Twins for awhile, but I'm positive they were lucky to have him! 😊