Friday, May 7, 2010

Neil Sheehy

Sent: 5/4/10
Received: 5/7/10
Time: 3 Days
Address: c/o Sheehy Hockey, LLC
Item Sent: 1991-92 Score Canadian
Item Received: 1991-92 Score Canadian, signed in black Sharpie.

What are the odds?  I've never had a three-day TTM return in my life.  Today, thanks to Neil Sheehy and Jeff Satzinger, I got two on the same day.  Sheehy, an International Falls, Minnesota native and Harvard graduate, had a nice career as an agitator for the Calgary Flames, Hartford Whalers, and Washington Capitals.  He is now an agent, based in Minneapolis.  Thanks for the nice signature and unbelievably fast return, Neil!

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  1. He and his wife were my next door neighbors when I was a kid!