Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rickey Foggie

Sent: 8/31/10
Received: 12/28/10
Time: 119 Days
Address: c/o PreSnap Football Academy
Item Sent: 1990 Jogo CFL, 1991 Jogo CFL, 1994 Jogo CFL
Item Received: 1990 Jogo CFL, 1991 Jogo CFL, 1994 Jogo CFL.  All signed in black Sharpie.

Rickey Foggie is my all-time favorite Gopher football player.  I don't even know if I realized there was a University of Minnesota, much less a football team there, until the arrivals of Lou Holtz and Foggie, when I was around seven years old.  In the mid-eighties, before super-athletic quarterbacks started getting chances in the NFL, I had never seen anyone play the position quite like Rickey.  After college, he enjoyed long careers in the Canadian and Arena Football Leagues, and spent a few years coaching in Arena ball.  He is now back in Minnesota, working at the PreSnap Football Academy in Lakeville.  These cards are exceptionally treasured new additions to the collection!

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