Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christian Ponder

Sent: 10/24/11
Received: 2/13/12
Time: 112 Days
Address: c/o Minnesota Vikings
Item Sent: 2011 Topps Legends Aspiring Legacies
Item Received: 2011 Topps Legends Aspiring Legacies, signed and personalized in black Sharpie.

One of the lone bright spots in possibly the most miserable season in Minnesota Vikings history was the early play of first round quarterback Christian Ponder.  He had the fans giddy after a valiant effort against the then-undefeated Green Bay Packers in his first NFL start.  He struggled badly down the stretch, but rookie quarterbacks thrown to the wolves usually deal with that.  In his defense, he had a terrible offensive line, a below-average corps of receivers, and his safety net (Adrian Peterson) missed most of the second half of the season with injury.  I'm still excited about Ponder.  Yeah, he made a lot of mistakes, but he seems like a smart kid.  I think he can learn from them.  I do think he has solid intangibles and I believe he can be the franchise quarterback Vikings fans so badly crave.

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