Sunday, February 26, 2012

Charlie Manuel

Sent: 2/9/12
Received: 2/21/12
Time: 12 Days
Address: c/o Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training
Item Sent: 1971 Topps, 1987 ProCards Portland Beavers, 2010 Topps Heritage
Item Received: 1971 Topps, 1987 ProCards Portland Beavers, 2010 Topps Heritage.  All signed in black gel pen.

Charlie Manuel is, of course, best known as the folksy, down-home, World Series winning manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.  He has a reputation as one of the true gentlemen of the game and as the consummate "player's manager."  All this is true.  What many younger and casual Minnesota Twins fans don't know is that Manuel spent a great many years as a player and coach in the Twins organization.  The bulk of his short major league playing career was spent at Met Stadium, before he became an MVP slugger in Japan.  After retiring as a player, he became a minor league manager for the Twins from 1985-1987.  One of the players on his 1987 Portland Beavers squad was a just-hanging-on utility infielder named Ron Gardenhire.   

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