Tuesday, May 8, 2012

George Flower

Sent: 4/17/12
Received: 5/7/12
Time: 20 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1986 ProCards West Palm Beach Expos
Item Received: 1986 ProCards West Palm Beach Expos, signed in black Sharpie.

Former Expos prospect George Flower is my latest example of how fulfilling this hobby can be when writing to old minor league ballplayers.

A few days after receiving my letter, Mr. Flower sent me an e-mail answering a bunch of my questions and relaying some great stories (such as Andre Dawson and Tim Raines giving a young Randy Johnson $100 to let himself be attacked by fire ants.  I had asked George if he had any idea back in A-ball that Johnson would become one of the great pitchers in baseball history.  He responded, "Most of us never thought he would make it.  For 2 years, I watched him walk 9 and strike the next 9 guys out." 

He also mentioned playing for Felipe Alou and with Larry Walker.  (Of Walker: "I realized I wasn't going to the show when I hit behind him in BP.") Shortly after the e-mail exchange, George Flower's 1986 ProCards card showed up in my mailbox, beautifully signed in black Sharpie.

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