Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wendel Clark

Sent: 8/9/11
Received: 9/16/11
Time: 38 Days
Address: c/o Wendel Clark's Classic Sports Bar & Grill
Item Sent: 1991-92 Pro Set, 1991-92 Score Canadian
Item Received: 1991-92 Pro Set, 1991-92 Score Canadian.  Both signed in black Sharpie.

Wendel Clark is revered by Maple Leafs fans from the last couple of generations, many of whom refer to him as "the greatest Leaf ever."  He was a fearless all-around player (of only five feet and ten inches) who would lay out body checks and drop the gloves with anyone, then bust out his rocket shot to score a game winner.  Perhaps because of his extreme physical play, injuries were a constant throughout his career (he would appear in 80 games only once in his fifteen seasons).  Still, one could make a compelling case that he was, pound for pound, the toughest hockey player of his era.

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