Friday, August 26, 2011

Tim Irwin

Sent: 8/17/11
Received: 8/25/11
Time: 8 Days
Address: Home
Item Sent: 1984 Fleer Team Action (already signed by Wes Hamilton and Steve Riley), 1990 Score, 1991 Pro Set, 1991 Score
Item Received: 1990 Score, 1991 Pro Set, 1991 Score, all signed in black Sharpie.  1984 Fleer Team Action, signed in blue ballpoint.  8x10 black & white photo signed and personalized in black Sharpie.

Wow, what a return!  I had been meaning to write to Tim Irwin for awhile -- during his career he was known as one of the smartest and classiest players on the Vikings.  After I received this 1984 Fleer Team Action card back from Wes Hamilton (after previously getting it back from Steve Riley), I immediately starting composing my letter to Irwin to try completing the card.  I added a few of his own cards, too.  He neatly signed all his solo cards in black Sharpie and even switched to a ballpoint for the Team Action card, which Hamilton and Riley had both signed in ballpoint.  It definitely would not have mattered to me had Irwin signed that card in Sharpie, too, but the thought to switch instruments to match the others on the card was a very nice touch.  Nicest of all, though, was his inclusion of an 8x10 photo, inscribed "Dan, Thanks for your loyalty and support.  Tim Irwin #76."

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